Producer of the Month

Clay Farms

George Clay grew up on a 60 acre farm where he raised bottle calves, had 8 to 10 brood cows, and grew two acres of tobacco

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  Recipe of the Month


A one skillet meal taken to an entirely different level. Achieving umami has never been so easy

                                                      Did You Know?          
Eating Lean Beef Daily
Can Help Lower Cholesterol
As Part of a Heart-Healthy Diet

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The BOLD study is the latest addition to a body of evidence that supports including lean beef in a heart-healhty diet.  To learn more about the study


                                                     Peter Demos' Fajita Style Steak   


Did you know?

Other products besides beef are made from the beef carcass. Leather, made from the hide, is used to make a variety of items, from clothing to basketballs. Eight pairs of cowboy boots can be made from one cowhide.

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