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 Meet our new Administrative Assistant!

    Lydia Hancock recently joined the Tennessee Beef Industry Council staff. She received her degree in accounting from MTSU and was a bookkeeper and QuickBooks Proadvisor at CPA accounting firm for several years. She is married with two children. 


 Welcome Lydia! We are excited to have you 'on board'!



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                                                      Did You Know?          
Eating Lean Beef Daily
Can Help Lower Cholesterol
As Part of a Heart-Healthy Diet

Check Out More Information about BOLD Here!

The BOLD study is the latest addition to a body of evidence that supports including lean beef in a heart-healhty diet.  To learn more about the study


                                                     Peter Demos' Fajita Style Steak   


Did you know?

A cow's diet is mainly grass and hay, with some feed supplements. Ruminate animals like cows and deer have a complex three or four part stomach that allows them to digest grass. They "chew the cud", which means they re-chew the food they've already chewed slightly and swallowed.

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